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Chef Consultant and Restaurateur



Jay Morjaria is founder and Executive Chef of Sutra Kitchen, a cooking school that was located in Carnaby St, London. Although Sutra Kitchen closed its doors in 2014, Jay maintains private Korean food and Kimchi classes for private and corporate clients.
Chef Jay has a true passion for food and making it widely accessible; he regularly appears on BBC Radio London as a guest chef and food expert, and on Radio 4, Asian Network and BBC 1. Additionally Jay has been doing live cooking demonstrations at the Chef’s Theatre for the Real Food Festival, Alchemy Festival, Lunch Show and the Natural Organic Show, as well as at Foodies Festival alongside the likes of Jun Tanaka, Shelina Permalloo and at Ed Baines. He is also the host of Natural Food Kitchen at Natural Organics show and has been a judge for the Quality Food Awards for three years.

In 2013 Jay launched his first cookbook, ‘Share’, a unique collection of uncomplicated recipes which are truly flexible, allowing the home cook to create a dining experience to share with friends and family.

Chef Jay is also a food consultant and works with well-known brands to advise them how to improve their menus, train their chefs and create innovative dishes for different audiences.

Lately, Jay has moved his culinary attention towards East and South East Asia, focusing his interest on the cuisines of Korea, Japan, China and South East Asia. Even though Jay has helped open several restaurants with previous clients and grown up in the hospitality industry with his family businesses, he is passionate about opening his first restaurant, which is due to launch in late 2016, with a focus on Modern East Asian food, especially Korean cuisine.