Show Sections

IFE 2017 is split into nine main, easy to navigate, sections including Bakery, Cheese & Dairy, Drinks, Great British & Irish Food, Grocery, Health & Wellbeing, Ingredients, Meat & Seafood and Snacks & Confectionery. Located within some of these sections, will be smaller sub-sections hosting an array of start-up and artisan producers.

Here is a little more information about each of the sections to help you plan your visit...


A global line-up of producers showcasing new & innovative bakery products. From meringues and muffins, to biscuits and breads. Check out our Bakery Trends newsletter or see who's exhibiting.

Gourmet Drinker

Located within the Drinks section, Gourmet Drinker is a boutique area featuring the best alcoholic drinks available from smaller producers.
Find out more.


Producers Market

Located within the Health & Wellbeing section, the Producers Market will showcase start-up companies and those who are new to the event.
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Great British & Irish Food

Great British & Irish producers showcasing new, artisan & craft food products. Read our Great British Food newsletter or see who's exhibitingDon't miss the Artisan Market - a boutique area within this section dedicated to Great British & Irish artisan and craft foods.

Cheese & Dairy

Gourmet and artisan Cheese & Dairy producers. Find out more2016 saw increased demand for authenticity, tradition and flavour, what trends will 2017 bring?


From Cyprus to Canada, Turkey to Austria - visit the Grocery section showcasing a diverse array of UK and International grocery products.
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Meat & Seafood

Global meat consumption has seen a year-on-year increase, with consumers developing a growing desire to know where their food comes from. Find out more.

Artisan Market

Located with the Great British & Irish Food section, the Artisan Market is a boutique area dedicated to Great British & Irish artisan and craft foods. Find out more.


Dynamic producers showcasing a wealth of new tastes and innovative drinks products. Check out our Drinks Innovation newsletter and find out who's exhibitingDon't miss the Gourmet Drinker - a boutique area within this section.

Health & Wellbeing

Nutrition, diet & health are increasingly prevalent within the food & drink industry, with innovative new products entering the market all the time. Read our Health & Wellbeing newsletter or find out moreDon't miss the Producers Market in the Health & Wellbeing section.

Snacks & Confectionery

Snack & Confectionery producers showcasing innovative products, bold flavours and exciting new combinations. Find out more.


Evolving trends within the industry have seen producers using new ingredients, introducing alternative protein sources & experimenting with new flavours. Find out more.

From Farm to Fork to Fertiliser and Fuel

Co-located with IFE are Pro2Pac, the UK’s only food & drink packaging event and Waste-Works, the UK’s only waste & sustainability event for the food industry, all under one roof. The 3 events together cover the entire supply chain.


The UK’s only packaging event for the food & drink industry. Taking place every two years, don’t miss your chance to see cutting edge industry developments, meet high calibre exhibitors and unwrap new opportunities. Find out more.


The only waste & sustainability event for the food & drink industry, taking place alongside IFE. The event focuses on suppliers of waste solutions & services, specifically targeting the food, drink & packaging industries.
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2017 Sponsors Slideshow

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