The Trends Leading the Way for 2017

24/10/2016 16:18:34

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Whether big or small, quirky or subtle, the latest trends and crazes have and will continue to shape our food and drink industry this year and far beyond.

With this in mind we investigated the top three trends, giving us a sneak peak of what the next year holds for the wonderful world of food and drink. 


Everyday, technology plays a bigger and bigger role in all our lives and with it comes a growing expectation for ease and convenience across every element of daily life.

Many consumers make a decision about outlets before even setting foot outside, having made their choice by viewing menus, reviews and promotions online.

The role of technology doesn’t stop here. Consumers are becoming more and more strapped for time and have come to demand a certain level of efficiency when dining and shopping out of home. In 2017, Apple Pay and Google Wallet are going to play an ever more prominent role in the way we pay our bills allowing us to pay with just a touch of a phone before moving on to our next appointment.

There is also a predication that the latest smart phone and tablet technology will extend further than paying customers and make its way back of house as chefs and catering managers use apps to monitor stock levels from a simple scan of a barcode. Technology could also help more junior staff to identify the ripeness of fresh produce by simply scanning the item. 

The Vegetarian Butcher

As we continue to look for interesting, tasty and healthier protein alternatives to red meat, the food industry is looking at inventive ways to make legumes, fungi, chickpeas and corn appealing to those more accustomed to meat based diets.

As traditional butchers are disappearing from our high streets, are they making way for a new breed of butcher – The Vegetarian Butcher? Across the globe this new wave of butchers are getting ready to serve our five a day in brand new ways.

Selling products that are reminiscent of the nation’s beloved burgers, steaks and meatballs, this new style veggie option is reported to look, feel and taste just like the real thing.  

We are yet to see the first vegetarian butcher open in the UK, watch this space for 2017!

Home delivery

During 2016, deliveroo changed the shape of food delivery and raised the expectations of the nations’ foodies, and as UberEats enters the delivery arena its no longer just pizza, Chinese and Indian on the menu.

Whether it’s a craving for Lebanese or a desire for Thai there is an expectation that our favourite cuisine can be delivered to our door without having to leave the comfort of our sofa.

The role deliveroo and UberEats have to play in the way we consume our favourite dishes is set to expand, as taste, convenience and health dominate our tick lists.

Takeaways are also moving away from their unhealthy connotations as super food salads, sushi and miso soups become increasingly popular options and services such as deliveroo mean that we can easily expand our takeaway horizons beyond the traditional options.

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