Protein Drinks Power Ahead

03/11/2016 11:15:51

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Protein Drinks Power Ahead

Protein drinks are surging ahead in sales by making protein more accessible to consumers, according to a new report on Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation from leading food and drinks consultancy Zenith International.

The report identifies 10 key trends in recent product development initiatives - ingredient innovation, added functionality, new flavours, organic/natural positioning, premium positioning, use of plant-based proteins, lowfat/low-sugar products, brand redesign, product reformulation and portfolio expansion by high-protein variant. 

“Once a relatively niche market, targeted at athletes and body-builders, the trend towards consuming protein has since become mainstream, with a range of new consumers embracing the nutrient for its beneficial healthproperties,” commented Zenith Market Intelligence Director Esther Renfrew. “A wave of innovative highprotein beverages has broadened the consumer base, giving rise to new segments and creating an entirely new identity for the market.

“From high-protein coconut waters to high-protein beer, our 2016 Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation report brings together the latest in product development, clarifying the trends and common themes in product innovation which are shaping the market.

“High-protein products are no longer associated with just generating muscle mass. The nutrient is now being marketed as essential to maintaining more general good health.  Ready-to-drink protein optimally  facilitates this trend,  offering a  convenient and easy  means of increasing protein intake,  in a way which complementsconsumers’ busy lifestyles, particularly those of millennials,” she concluded.

The 2016 Zenith Report on Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation contains profiles on 64 brands launched between 2014 and 2016 under 9 beverage categories. Contact Zenith International on +44 (0)1225 327900 or e-mail

Ingredient Innovation

Added Functionality

Plant-Based Protein

Low-Fat/ Low-Calorie

Premium Positioning

Source: 2016 Zenith Report on Ready-to-drink Protein Innovation
Press Release: 13th September 2016


Zenith International Ltd

7 Kingsmead Square, Bath, BA1 2AB, UK

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