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Vamino Thailand's No.1 Soya Bean Drink
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We take the best quality, locally-grown vanilla to produce Vanilla Spice Drops®. Many argue that the flavour is superior to the Madagascan variety. Concentrated and alcohol-free, our Vanilla Spice ...
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Vanilla Fudge

Wonderfully moreish and generously flavoured with natural vanilla, our award-winning, all-butter Vanilla fudge is the ultimate sweet treat.
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Vanilla ice cream no added sugar

Vanilla ice cream with no added sugar and less calories.
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Vanilla Natural Flavouring

A Vanilla natural flavouring, full and creamy with bourbon notes – a classic favourite for all foodies. Our vanilla natural flavouring is suitable for the following diets: -Coeliac -Ovo-lacto ...
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Vannamei Block Shrimps

Vannamei Shrimps in Block. HLSO, PD, PDTO. Various sizes.
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Vannamei Shrimps

Vannamei Shrimps, HLSO, PD, PDTO, CPTO. IQF.
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Vegan Basil Pesto

A deliciously vibrant pesto of basil, chickpeas and pine kernels, whizzed with olive oil, garlic and a nice squeeze of lemon for that extra zing.
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Vegan Ragu Bolognese

A sumptuous bolognese sauce made with chopped tomatoes, soya protein, onions and red wine, with a lovely miso richness. Infused with oregano and some punchy black pepper, it’s a wonderful vegan tak...
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vegan Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

A wonderful pesto of sun-dried tomatoes, chickpeas, olive oil and coconut cream, pulped with some garlic and a good pinch of paprika to create something pretty special.
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Vegan Tomato + Basil Sauce

A classic for a reason, our rich tomato and basil sauce is made with sweet chopped tomatoes, coconut cream and celery. We’ve seasoned it with a good bit of black pepper and some torn fresh basil, f...
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Vegan Worcester Sauce

The granoVita Vegan Worcester Sauce is sold in a glass jar. The Vegan Worcester Sauce is a great alternative to Worcester Sauce. The Vegan Worcester Sauce is the perfect sauce to put with a meal.
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Vegetable burger

Vegetable burger. Delicious Beaded Vegetable Burger produced with fresh vegetables from the Greek countryside. Suitable for Vegetarians. Ready to served in few minutes in frying panes .
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Several healthy and tasteful vegetable récipes ready to eat
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Vegetable Fingers

Tender vegetables including carrot, beans, onion and sweetcorn in a crunchy breadcrumb coating
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Vegetable Hot Pot

This warming dish, is full of flavour and is a perfect filling meal to have on a cold evening.
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Vegetable Oils

Having considerably generous land in terms of agricultural products; Turkey produces the world’s highest quality vegetable oil varieties. Turkey produces mainly sunflower oil, but is also engaged i...
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Vegetable Pate - Tin

The Vegetable Pate - Tin is a delicious paste in a tin that is perfect on products such as crackers or breads.
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Vegetable Spring Rolls

Authentic Vegetable Spring Rolls with a crispy golden shell filled with Asain mushrooms, carrots, cabbage and vermicelli noodles. Seasoned to give you all the best flavours.
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Vegetarian Hot Dogs

These Smokey flavoursome Vegetarian Hot Dog Sausages provide a perfect alternative to Vegetarian Hot Dog Sausages. Rich in flavour and a perfect filling dish, our Vegetarian Hot Dogs are perfect as...
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Vegetarian stew with quinoa & cauliflower rice

This dish is perfect the autumn and winter seasons and very nutritious. It has superfoods (quinoa and chickpea) that are high in protein with essential amino acids, high in fibre and rich in iron, ...
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Veggie cup

Available in the flavours beetroot, carrot, spinach and celeriac
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Prosecco and Specialities from Veneto
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Venison Pie (Gold Award-Winning)

Succulent Scottish wild venison, traditionally seasoned, encased in our melt-in the- mouth crumbly hot water pastry surrounded by traditional stock jelly.
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Ventricina Piccante

Spicy Ventricina Salami
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Vermicelli Noodles

Organic fairtrade gluten-free vegan vermicelli noodles
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Vibrant Spice Rub and Base

A chunky versatile spice rub that can be used as a rub or a base for a curry. Vibrant Spice Rub and Base contains, fresh, bright, zingy, zesty, herbs and spices perfect for all white meats, fish an...
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Wide range of fine Italian pastries
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Victoria's Rhubarb Gin

Made using a crop of rhubarb originally grown in the kitchen garden of Buckingham Palace during the reign of Queen Victoria. The rhubarb juice is extracted using a traditional fruit press and bl...
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Vietnamese yellow chicken curry with carrot & sweet potato

A classic Vietnamese curry that is rich in coconut milk infused with the fragrance from the lemongrass, this dish is served with jasmine rice but tastes as good with bread.
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Vieux Liege

half hard cheese
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Vine Fruit Products

We are specialist suppliers of naturally sweet and versatile dried vine fruits to food and drink manufacturers. Our range includes raisins, sultanas and currants in different varieties and from dif...
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We offer a range of high quality vinegars from selected wines as well as balsamic vinegars IGP from Modena & refined in wooden oak barrels.
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Vineyard Fruit Pulp Vinegar

This mouth watering fruit vinegar is made with real fruit pulp harvested from a very special small peach grown only in the steep valleys of the Mosel vineyard region of Germany. Rich and juicy, it ...
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Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil, 100% pure & natural
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Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed, High quality
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Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil extracted from olive tree fruit solely via mechanical or other physical means under particularly thermal conditions that do not generate any alterations in the oil and thus, has not under...
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Vitapiù_Omega 3&6 Oil

Mixed of seeds oil
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Vodka and White Chocolate Cream Liqueur DRINK !

This drink is a unique product, it was specially formulated for use in our ice creams by an award winning liqueur brand, but people have told us that it tastes so good it should also be made availa...
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Vodka Cream Liqueur White Chocolate Ice Cream

Pre Event Orders Given Priority & Discounts Contact Contains Alc.9%Vol. Available in retail tubs, or 1 to 5 litre catering sizes. Ideal for restaurants, pubs, cruise ships ...
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Volare Gift Set

Gift Set with 5 bottles, 100ml each. Suitable for hand luggage
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