City Harvest

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City Harvest helps put surplus food to good use in a sustainable way, by distributing to organisations that feed the hungry. 340 tonnes rescued to date.


Food Waste and food poverty are two of the biggest issues facing society.
In London, one of the wealthiest cities in the world, more than 25% of the population face food insecurity. Meanwhile, 3 million tonnes of nutritious surplus food from manufacturers, retailers, restaurants and the hospitality industry is sent to landfill.

City Harvest Solution

City Harvest is the leader in the “last mile” of food rescue in London.
City Harvest offers a simple solution, connecting waste and want safely, reliably and efficiently. We help put surplus food to good use in a sustainable way by distributing to organisations that nourish London’s vulnerable men, women and children. City Harvest is the largest London-based food redistribution charity delivering over 6 tonnes of food each week free of charge to community food programmes that feed the homeless, individuals and families in transition, women in crises, refugees, children and the elderly. 

Our Impact

City Harvest delivers positive social change on a broad scale in London.
Each week our vans deliver food that is used to serve more than 14,000 nutritious meals to people in need. We work with more than 100 community programs and 50 food donors. To date we have rescued 340 tonnes of nutritious food surplus. This has enabled local community organisations to serve more than 700,000 meals to the hungry. For every £1 that is invested in City Harvest, we distribute food that is 6x greater in retail value.


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